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Bohnchang Koo, 《The Allure of Blue》

29 May 2019 - 27 July 2019


Bohnchang Koo, 〈EWB 02〉, 2019. Porcelain wares. ©Bohnchang Koo

Ivorypress presents Bohnchang Koo’s second exhibition in Madrid, entitled 《The Allure of Blue》. It comprises a selection of his latest work series: delicate photographs of porcelain pieces from the Joseon Dynasty. The artist visited more than sixteen museums inside and outside Korea to get a closer look at their respective collections of ceramicware. One of those trips was to a major exhibition entitled 《In Blue and White: Porcelains of the Joseon Dynasty》, held at the National Museum of Korea in 2014. That visit made him appreciate the tremendous variety of blue-and-white porcelain produced in the Joseon Dynasty and the bringing together of so many ceramic pieces that displayed such magnificent and pure colours. The selection of works included in this exhibition, open until 27 July, highlights the simplistic beauty of Korea’s cultural heritage and reveals the lifestyle of that time and culture, not only by the appearance of the wares but also by the use of blue pigment in the pictures. Unlike Japanese or Chinese ceramics, Korean porcelain had no perfect shape, no exact patterns. Instead, the handmade attribute of these pieces is an additional value that reflects the Joseon Dynasty’s humour, which also left space for more modern charms.

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